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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. it is friday december 28th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> time now for your 5@5:00. the top five stories making news at this hour. the nation is mourning the loss of an american hero. norman schwarzkopf has died. he had complications from pneumonia. he commanded the u.s. coalition that drove sadam hussein's forces out of kuwait during operation storm. he approved a statement even those in intensive care. he said general norm schwarzkopf epitomized the country that has seen this great nation through our most trying international crises. more than that he was a good and decent man and a dear friend.
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schwarzkopf received numerous honors for serving vietnam including three silver stars. he was 78 years old. >> and a real leader certainly. the bush family is confident george h.w. bush will soon be out of intensive care. he has an elevated fever right now he is in the icu so doctors can treat him more easily. we are also being told bush senior's condition is not dire. his chief of staff gene becker says is he sick? yes. does he plan on going every where soon? he has every intention of staying put. he would ask me to tell you to please put the harps back in the closet. his care is unequalled anywhere else in the world. could add dam lanza's reason for his deadly rampage be found in his dna. the gunman's dna will be looked at for abnormal malties or
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mutations that could indicate a tendency towards violence. they are calling this a first of its kind study. they wonder whether a stigma could be attached to a person with certain characteristics. hillary clinton set to return to work to the state department. s many lawmakers are waiting for clinton to testify in an open hearing about what she knew about the benghazi terror attack. some senators refusing to consider john kerry as her successor until she testifies. a massive form killed at least 16 people so far continues moving across the northeast is expect to do head into canada today. many travelers are trying to get home after the holidays. the storm canceled at least a,000 flights yesterday delayed over 8,000. they saw over a foot of snow. in vermont 21 inches.
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in arkansas 200,000 homes and businesses lost power. that is your 5@5:00. for the latest on the extreme weather we turn to maria molina. she is tracking another storm this morning. >> another storm system impacting portions of the northeast with more snow as we head into the weekend. thankfully the storm system is not dumping more than 20 dmcinc of snow. current temperatures across the midwest an the plains. it is very cold this morning in places like rapid city. 7 degrees below zero. 19 over minneapolis and 30 degrees in chicago. not too bad in chicago. but as far as high temperatures it is over the northern plains. looking at a high temperature
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very warm 71 degrees. the reason it is warm in new orleans we have a cold front headed north eastbound already producing snow across portions of minnesota, iowa and wisconsin t. accumulation slow 3-6 inches. the northeast much quieter today. i want to go through the rundown real quick as far as the storm system heavy rain across parts of the southeast and by saturday morning you are going to be seeing widespread snow ray cross portions of mid atlantic. as we head westbound a little bhoirt. maria, thank you so much. >> it could be the final chance to stop the nation from going over the fiscal cliff. top lawmakers are trying to reach a deal. can they finally come to any
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agreement? doug luzader has more on this. >> the president is going to sit down with congressional leaders with port parties today. they want to get something done quickly now before the end of the year. the president returned to washington from hawaii. can he lead both parties to a fiscal cliff work around. democrats have been dragging feet on this for months. they don't want to be pressured into a bad deal that doesn't come down to the nation books. >> any time you announce a meeting publicly in washington it's usually for political purposes. nothing good ever comes from it. one thing you have to do with politics if the president meets with a foreign leader you want to make sewer you know what is happening at the meeting. if the president calls congressional leader to the white house it's all political theater or they have a deal.
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my bet it's all political theater. >> they blame house republicans since john boehner hasn't been able to get them a deal to raise taxes. the name calling is getting ugly. >> american people don't understand the house of representative is operating without the house of representatives. it is being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker not allowing the vast majority of the council to representatives to get what they want. and while it's true that the senate controlled democrats is working this week, they are not working on fiscal cliff matters and the house won't even be back to work sunday two-days before the end of year deadline. theoretically these guys have time to get something done here. it is also possible at today's meeting at the white house may be simply window dressing. >> see what happens ten hours from now. time now to take a look at who is talking and this morning we are hearing from charles
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krauthammer. >> last night on hannity he was talking about the looming fiscal cliff and the president's approach to negotiations. krauthammer giving his take on why a deal has not been reached yet. >> it has been very clear from the beginning that he had no intention to solve the fiscal issues. he has been using this and i must say with great skill and ruthless skill and success to fracture and basically shatter the republican opposition, the only redut of the opposition is the house. his objective from the very beginning is to break the will of republicans in the house and create an internal civil war. he has done that right up until now obama has what he wanted which is a partisan political success. he has been less worried about the fiscal issue for two reasons number one he does not care about debt. he hasn't in the four years, and number two, he thinks he's a
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political winner if we go over the cliff. he thinks he's holding all of the cards. house gop leaders have decided to have the house of representatives turn on sunday evening just in case there's a deal made in the final hours. now to some stories you can bank on this morning. time is running out for struggling homeowners to get some free help fighting possible wrongful foreclosures. in a deal for the fox business network joins us to explain. >> a little more time but time running out. >> the four million homeowners foreclosed on from 09 to 10 government sent out a letter to them a year ago 4 million. they have until monday to sign up for a free review of the foreclosure make sure there's no mistake see if they are going to be compensated for any errors. 100 bucks maybe 100,000. free massive government settlement between the feds and
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14 learneds for improper dmroesh our. the money deadline was closed three times now. 356,000 homeowners excitemented for the review. maybe if you realize i got foreclosed on. >> let's make a deal especially if you want to buy a car. >> dealerships have way too many cars on their lots. discounts take in several forms. you can get cash back. 6,000 cash. 0 percent financing. some cases you can save 9,000 on a gm truck. they have way too many of those. it is the best year in five years. 14 and a half million vehicle sold. that is up 13 percent or so from the year before. soy far it means more discounts. >> good news for the auto industry but not movie industry.
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>> years ago the video guys never worried about master music piracy you can't download a movie series. game of throwns is t-- game of thrones is the most pirated download. it is the most illegally downloaded show, 14.3 million down loads. killer drama came in third and big bang theory a sweet comedy was third. they do it illegally instead of paying for it. most of the down loads occur outside of the u.s. if the software companies would make it illegal the way itunes they will make money. >> 808 percent downloaded outside of this country. i have never seen either one of the shows. >> game of thoern thrones /* th.
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>> they are fighting the owe cam ma care mandate and they are anotheringing a court order. thre plus it was supposed to be a green energy boom for one state that turned into a state bust now they want a refund. gas prices new national average is 3.28. that is up $0.02 from yesterday.
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>> good morning to you. it is quarter past the hour. here's a look at what you missed while you were sleeping. escalating violence is forcing the u.s. to close test embassy in the central african republic. the state department ordering our ambassador and his team to flee the country as rebels advance there. u.s. citizens are being
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evacuated. the car company if is car mfisky own millions of dollars. the plans to open a factory is very much in doubt. if is kerr g fisker would have to pay the money if it doesn't follow through. they got a $529 million loan from the department of energy and that is paid by you. 2012 was a nail biter from a bruising economy to a high spirited presidential campaign. we take a look at a year that was. >> 2012 was a make or break year for political careers speegsly in the campaign for the white house. president obama remained unopposed and was a shoe in. plans for recovery made the 44th
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president vulnerable. >> the president's policies have clearly not been successful in reigniting the economy putting people back to work. >> his party's nomination was not as easy as former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he declares winner of the iowa caucuses he had to share the win with rick santorum. he went on to win the victory in key primary states becoming the nominee he emerged bruised. >> i don't see how a massachusetts liberal is going to do better. >> he is the worth republican in the country to put up against barack obama. >> romney's campaign saw their roles up and downs and confident and in demand. romney knew he gained with a president's shaky performance. >> it sets the tone and can have the most impact. this is a theory.
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>> he ultimately won reelection. >> the best is yet to come. >> 2012 also marked a milestone implementation of president owe bhaum's healthcare law. >> in a 5-4 division the individual dmant is indeed constitutional. supreme court put the law against partisanship. >> the decision was a result of lawsuits brought by 26 paid attorneys general against the federal government who claimed mandated participation was man dags of the freedom. >> republicans won't let up whatsoever in the determination to repeal this terrible law. >> they challenge the law meaning obama care will be a hot button issue in 2013. as 2012 winds down it resembles 2011 with republicans locked in another show down over taxes and spending with the average family caught in the middle.
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in washington craig boswell fox news. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. will you feel safer in 2013. the top five threats we need to watch out for in the new year. >> the top spot you don't want to have it is the worst movie of the year. we will tell you which one it was. hopefully you didn't see it.
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>> welcome back.
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it is 21 after the top of the hour. here are quick headlines for you. an f-16 fighter jet similar to this one crashed during a training mission in california. the luckily the pilot was able to eject before the jet crashed in owens valley 100 miles east of fresno. he is said to be okay. no one rauz hurt. the cause is unkerr investigation. >> sandy hook elementary students have been off of school since the tragic. in the meap time the commu -- m the community is helping them to get out of the house. there have been field trips pizza parties and organized play time. heather? >> thank you so much. the deadly attack in benghazi libya killing four americans tells us the threat of terrorism is still strong. one of the hot spots national security analysts ryan more row joins us now. not particularly a happy topic but a necessary one. top on the list is the israeli
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iranian conflict. where do you see them going? >> around midsummer is when we have to at least delay the iranian nuclear program very significantly. that's the point they feel an option of the strike is no longer viable. the other thing to consider is there's a presidential election happening in iran over the summer. that will cause a political crisis. >> you don't want to show their strength in force by doing something. >> that's how you handle a political crisis if you are a middle eastern leader you take a fight with israel. >> how do you see israel responding how do you see them trying to prevent things are happening last summer. >> they have tone gage in covert action to delay the program enough that the regime collapses one day. >> we saw the cyber attacks do you see it more in that or directly? >> there is several mysterious showing how serious the israeli take the slthreat you can't rul
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anything out. >> next topic the chaos in syria is really out of hand. what do you see going on with that? >> there is no good outcome unfortunately. there are plenty of good rebels that arm terrorists. they are not the only ones controlling what happens on the ground. you have assad the dictator fighting the muslim brotherhood and al qaeda fighters on the ground. you think that the bloodshed is bad now just wait and see what's happening on the ground. >> next topic sabotage against oil infrastructure. >> everyone focuses on the conflict between iran. especially saudi arabia and iran where they are fighting for control of the region. they have targeted the saudi oil infrastructure which direct limb packets our economy. something we can't handle very
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well. they put that on the target list is unusual. >> you are going to be on fox and friends a little lart so we can continue that conversation. ryan more row from radical it is 25 minutes after the hour. coming up the chief of the eta lisa jackson says she is quitting because she wants to spend more time with her family. e-mails may tell a different story. we will explain. a frightening up close look at a tornado ripping through one community. look at that right there. we will show you more of this and tell you where it was.
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>> good morning. welcome to fox and friends first. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. >> president obama will meet with the country's top law americas at the white house to try to reach a deal. doug luzader is following the details for us live in washington with more. what are webbings pekting today? >> maybe a break through maybe not. these are the players that are going to be meeting here. they are hoping to break the law we have been looking at for weeks if not months but has anything really changed? that's ultimately the question.
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the president returned to washington breaking free from his christmas vacation a few days early. it is not clear that any one's positions have changed at least not based on what we are hearing from senate leaders. >> the house of representatives as we speak with four-days left after today aren't here with the speaker having told them they will give them $40 notice. i can't image their consciousness. they are out wherever they are around the country. we are here trying to get things done. >> this is a conversation we should have had months ago. republicans aren't about to write a blank check or anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> the senate is meeting for business. the house will be lack to work on sunday both parties are asking themselves which one will shoulder the blame if we goefr
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the cliff with tax hikes and defense cuts. >> i think those states that rely on the contractors are going to be equally unhappy with hee pub cans and democrats. they are going to ask why is it can't. >> the other aspect is the price of milk. because congress didn't pass a farm bill this year the strange system of supports from 1949 would go into effect that would praise t raids the price of milk there. may be some kind of a fix thif they can get a passed this year. congress realizes something like this just like the tax issue it affects about everyone. >> it can get to be a real expense for families with
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children. the top five stories making news at this hour. herbert norman swoerts could have schwarzkopf died of complications from membpneumoni. he drove sadam shhussein seas forces out of kuwait. george bush who approved the coalition approved the comment: schwarzkopf received numerous honors including three stars. >> did she or did she not force the head of the epa to resign.
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she resigned for new challenges and time with her family. attorney chris horner sued the white house for access to the e-mails. the justice department ruled they must be released. the e-mails caused jack ton to resign. people knew her real e-mail. chris warner will be live on fox and friends to talk about jackson's sudden resignation. a maunt sunder way for a serial arsonist who set 38 fires. the most recent one took place this week. buildings intrurned to the ground and luckily no one has been seriously hurt or killed. >> hobby lobby is staking a stand to protect the religious beliefs. an attorney for the change says
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it will defy the contraception mandate and not offer insurance coverage that includes the morning after pill. by doing so they risk signs of up to 1.3 million a day. the company says complying with the mandate would go against its faith. they refused to grant an injunction as the legal battle over the mandate plays out. take a look at this surveillance video. the moment tornado stuck in mobile, alabama. this is the parking lot of a wall screens store. you can see the strong winds lifting the vehicles up in the parking lot. hard to believe no one was hurt luckily. that is your 5@5:30. >> it is not over yet. maria molina is already tracking another sterorm. >> we have yet again another storm system producing snow across areas. the last system in the midwest and parts of the great lakes
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once again into the northeast as we head into lart on today and tomorrow. looking at yet again another storm. snow in places like southern minnesota wisconsin and portions of iowa. we are talking anywhere between 3-6 inches of snowfall accumulation. we are not talking a major snowstorm but you are talking insult in injury. we will be getting rainfall on the areas hit hard. here comes our snowstorm into portions of the northeast. most areas are expecting light accumulations anywhere between 1-3 inches of snow. as you head to higher elevations you are talking more snow. there is one sweet spot across rhode island. we are talking about a foot of snow and 6 inches possible.
2:37 am
take a look at some of the temperatures 7 below zero in rapid city. 19 in minneapolis. you called that a sweeted spot. sweet for the skiers. it has been a wild year for weather from destruction and devastation to extreme heat almost every corn was impacted. january dmiens takes a blook. >> tornadoes twists wiped out communities and killing several people. a devastating ef 4 tornado with winds up to 200 miles an hour hit the midwest. henryville and maryville indiana completely obliterated. heartbreaking stories of families ripped apart like this tragic case of toddler angel
2:38 am
babcock. her family was killed when the twister struck her mobile home. angel was found in a field near her home but died later from her injuries. the summer months brought little relief with scorching temperatures through out the east coast and midwest along with historic drought conditions. with soaring temperatures the community struggled to maintain their water supplies. farmers harvested just a fraction of their crops an ranchers weren't able to feed their cattle. it was the worst drought in 50 years and plagued two-thirds of the nation. the drought conditions made it right for wildfires. the fire in colorado raged for days killing 2 people destroying over 300 homes and soefrning over 18,000 acres. it was fueled by the dry brush and fierce winds. the unrelenting heat also proved deadly in the mid lant tick and midwest states after july storms killed 22 people across the
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area. it knocked out power leaving millions sweltering. heat related deaths climbed to 20 in the chicago area. hurricane isaac making land fall in new orleans on the eve of the 7th anniversary of hurricane katrina. it will made land fall as a category 1 hurricane. the slow moving storm went through low lying coastal areas. plackman's parish it inundated communities in arkansas. a sight in the sky over phoenix as a massive dust storm blows in. winds gusting up to 40 mills an hour bringing in dust and sand from the desert. 2012 also saw the birth of a super storm a devastating hurricane that collided with a powerful system from canada. sandy made land fall in south jersey in october. flooding beach communities to
2:40 am
highways and washing iconic board walks into the ocean. the downtown skyline fell dark and homes went up in flames. areas of long island staten island filled with debris. sandy claims at least 100 lives and changed the landscape of the jersey shore. just a week later another blow when the area was blanketed by snow, sleet and rain from a nor' easter. >> all of the damage from the wild weather will cost more than $100 billion in repair costs. time now to entertain this. the music world is mourning the loss of a legend this morning. ♪ >> yeah, remember that song. fontella bass she is known for
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the hit "rescue me" she died on wednesday from complications after a recent heart attack. she was 72 years old. >> many judge from the ex factor panel last year. brittany spears could be getting the boot. she didn't bring in enough ratings for her $15 million contract. plate back has been getting much clay at the theert only pulled in 264 bucks. 264 at the box office? wow. making it the worst performing movie of the year. if you do the math with tickets at 8 bucks only 33 people went to see it. >> it was only playing at one theater that's what the new york post is claiming. amazing. >> the time is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. taxes may not be the only thing going up in the new year from your cell phone to food prices
2:42 am
rise. a flightening situation for her mother and daughter. their car. they are lucky to be alive after their car plunges into a freezing lake. we will tell you how they made it out.
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>> welcome back. 44 after the hour. a mom and daughter lucky to be alive after their car plunged into a lake. people dove in to help. mother and daughter will be just fine as a result. are there some expression that is really annoy you. >> it's like when i had this garden party for my father's birthday, right, i said rsvp because it's a sit down dinner but people came that like did not rsvp so i was like totally bugging.
2:46 am
>> according to a survey whatever, like and you know are some of this year's most annoying words and phrases. >> what do you think, heather? >> no surprise there. >> i have another one, nuss say it. pay back may be smaller in 2013. you may be paying more for every day goods that we need. here with a list is diane mac o macedo. >> new study shows things like drought and higher metal prices 2013 is shaping up to be more expensive than 20126789 the annual report spoending increases one of the main areas we will sees shifting costs. ups and fed-ex will raise prices by 4.5 to 4.9 percent. while we are used to seeing iphones the latest release had a dock connector any one buying it will need to shell out for a
2:47 am
fleet of new accessories. human resource consulting firm says premiums are expected to rise an average of 6 percent in 2013. the usda also expects food prices to rise 3.5 to 4 percent in 2013 thanks to this summer's drought. while gas prices may be falling cars are getting more expensive thanks to the fuel standard obama gave earlier this year. camrys are roughly $175 more expensive and lexus 200 h will be almost 3,000 dollars more than the 2012 model. they are putting together a list of things that will be cheaper. >> that is what i want. it is just about 15 minutes before the hour. could one vegetable hold the secret to a skwlooifrng free morning. >> i knew about this already. >> okay. we have to try this one.
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tell you which vegetable it is. being stuck in a wheelchair to being able to walk again. new technology that is called a medical miracle. check in with kelly wright to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning heather and heather. we are following the latest on the fiscal cliff negotiations. there's a big white house meeting going on today. but the white house says it's not open to negotiation. so we will tell you about that. also coming up on the show special drink to make this new year's eve and the skwlooifrng cure for the after all coming up top of the hour. see you then. i did in the last five hours? i played a round of golf. then i read a book while teaching myself how to play guitar; ran ten miles while knitting myself a sweater; jumped out of a plane. finally, i became a ping pong master while recording my debut album.
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>> good morning to you. it is 10 minutes after the hour. workers put the final touches on
2:52 am
the times square ball a tribute to the long time host of the biggest new year's eve party in the world. dick clark's name is engraved in the 208 crystal panels that make up this year's ball. could your new year's day hangover cure be sass pair gus before you head out. researches say it contains am many acid and minerals that guard against toxins and relieve the unpleasant hangover side effects. got to try this one. >> i eat it for weight loss not hangovers just to clarify. >> real life iron man. take a look at this. new technology to help paralyze people again. mark seigel went to mount sinai to check it out. >> did you ever think you would be able to walk again? >> no. but in my mind i always told myself that i will even with the doubts of the doctorses
2:53 am
sometimes i still told myself that i will and my son kept reminding me. i knew he would get back on my feet. >> joining us is mark seigel. this really is a medical miracle for so many folks across the country. >> heather image what it feels like to be sitting in a wheelchair for years or on the bed suddenly the next thing you know you are at eye level with someone again. many says that was a huge confidence builder for him. it changed his whole outlook on life. >> how does it work? how does it strengthen muscle as soon as>> it started off with the military creating this so soldiers could travel long distances with heavy backpacbac. the rehabilitation started using it. it's an ex owe skeleton. it clamps to your knees and thighs it has motors it has batteries a computer chip in the backpack that sends a computer. you initiate it with your arms and then your legs move.
2:54 am
it literally creating a walking feeling. it's great for your circulation. it prevents clots and prevents wounds from forming good for your heart and muscles and bones. >> right now it's not available to any one. >> it is only available in rehabilitation centers. doctor at mount sinai calls it a game changer. let's hear what he has to say. >> technology is going to be the break through that allows them to be back on their feet walk about and perhaps a lot sooner than we will see the results when the biology and various labs. how soon with re talis tech available for everyone out there that can really use it. >> 30 centers are using it including vanderbilt who has a light weight version. i think in a year or two it will be available to home use.
2:55 am
the cost is cost prohibitive. with more and more people using it over time and technology getting perfected it will be less expensive. >> somebody sitting at home this should give them hope. >> if somebody is paralyzed or had a struck or neurological condition that can't walk this is in the future. this technology is in the future. near future. >> thank you so much. the time now is about 6 minutes to the top of the hour. still ahead talk about a sign, a drunk driving crash lands in a yard of the founder of alcoholics anonymous. then his job was to protect his quarterback but now one nfl player making a shocking admission about his own teammate.
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♪ >> good morning to you, two minutes before the hour. we look at good, bad and ugly. first the good. a daring rescue of a dog that wanderped on the lake. this is lake erie . the little dog got stuck. but the rescue worker grabbed him and tried to keep him warm . bart is now okay. former lions on the left right there admitted he intentionally missed the block so his quarterback would get hurt. brown now regrets it. teammate scott mitchell said the revelation is painful to him. finally the ugly, the cops say this man was drunk when


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